Sunday, 7 June 2015

I've Opened an Etsy Shop -

It's been a while since I have made a post. I am hoping to post a bit more regularly in the near future.

I have been working with many of my old photographs, as I don't have the time at the moment to go out and take any new ones (which is sad). I have thousands of photos, mostly architecture but also some landscapes, textures, and still life photos from the trips I have taken in the past five years to Italy, Greece, Spain, France, and Scotland. I have taken many photos of doors, windows, landmarks, and cool architectural details in Paris, Rome, Tuscany, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Florence, Granada, Barcelona, Malaga, Nice, Monaco, Menton, Eze, and Venice, to name a bunch.

I have been finding similar photos and editing them, and putting them together to be sold on Etsy. It took a while to get all of the photos sorted, edited, and photoshopped together to be shown in the listings, but I finally have a shop up and running.

I am starting very simple; I only have 8x10 prints ready to be shipped. The biggest difficulty with Etsy is that shipping between different-sized items cannot be differentiated on the site, so you technically need to make a new listing for each size of print or canvas. So currently, if you visit my Etsy shop and like a set of prints, but want a different size, simply contact me through Etsy and I will generate a listing with the cost of the item and the cost of shipping.I will be doing it this way until I have made some sales and have a better understanding of the shipping fees and the demand for different items.

All of the photos currently in my shop are 8x10 prints. Being an 8x10 crop, I can also print at 16x20 and 24x30, and I can do canvas wraps at 8x10 and 16x20. All of the photos are original art by me, and most are architecture or landscape photos.

I encourage you to look at my shop...hopefully you find some art that suits your home or business. Below are just a couple examples of the listings I currently have in my Etsy shop:

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  1. It’s too bad that they don’t have the function yet, as it can make shopping for different sizes and prints that much easier. I hope your alternate way of doing things works out, so that you won’t have to deal with too much hassle. That being said, your photos look amazing! I particularly love the pictures of the different streets and sights in France. Anyway, thanks for them with us. Cheers!

    Cory Phil @ Front Burner Marketing